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Real Estate Consulting

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Real estate was once a safe haven for businesses and investors looking for predictable trends. Those days are over. Real estate organizations, owners, and investors today face unprecedented threats from the global pandemic and new technologies.

Our clients rely on PNG Solutions’ real estate consulting expertise to help them navigate these rough new waters. We work with real estate leaders in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors to help them stay ahead amid relentless competition, transforming their operations, and building the capabilities they need to win and unlock new growth opportunities.

How our real estate consulting helps


Our eccentric understanding of tenants, their changing tenant needs, and the use of advanced analytics allow us to show you which investments are feasible so you can make better and profitable investment decisions.


PNG Solutions’ real estate consulting experts design new business models, revolutionize customer experience and build analytics capabilities to help you increase tenant and landlord performance as well as help you make data-driven decisions.

Performance improvement

We help you to shift and diversify your business model, find new opportunities for growth and expand geographically.

Digital strategy

The future is coming fast. Customer needs are changing. Ecosystems are evolving. To succeed amid these changes, you need a digital strategy that helps you predict the future. PNG Solutions provides you with the lenses you need to peer into the future and see it more clearly, helping you to know how your company will win in that future. No one can perfectly predict their digital future but PNG Solutions can set you traveling in the right direction today with a strategy that already anticipates tomorrow.

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