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We’re on a mission to provide solutions that matter to professionals

PNG Solutions is a an Equal Opportunity Employer offering a complete suite of IT services, training, and consulting solutions to enterprises & professionals.

We help professionals across the private, public, and social sectors create solutions that matter most to them. As a technology and support services firm, PNG Solutions works with professionals to transform their organizations, embed technology into everything they do, and give them the tools they need to succeed.

At PNG Solutions, we are always looking for the most relevant ways to provide solutions that matter most to professionals. Whether that means helping them to design and implement advanced solutions in data management, applications & cyber security; empowering, training, and equipping them with the strategies and tools they need to succeed within the I.T industry; or giving them the freedom to achieve their business goals.

At PNG Solutions, our mission is to provide solutions that matter most to professionals so they can thrive both now and tomorrow.

Our vision is to support professionals to succeed in the IT industry.

Our values are the building blocks of our culture, embedded in everything we do and central to what allows us to provide the solutions that matter most to professionals.

  • High standards: When making a choice between average and excellence, we always pick excellence; even if it’s hard. And when that’s difficult, we help our customers find other ways to solve their problems.
  • Putting customers first: We work hard to get to know our customers and understand their most pressing needs. This way, we use our expertise to build the right solutions for them.
  • Respect for people: We value our people, encourage their development, and reward their work. And we treat them as we expect them to treat us.
  • Integrity: We speak up for what is right, especially when it feels difficult. And we’re honest in all of our dealings, no matter what.
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Q. If PNG Solutions can recommend many IT solutions, how do I know which is best for my business?

At times, the PNG Solutions team may come to you with more than one solution for your IT needs. When ...

Q. Why should I use PNG Solutions for IT consulting instead of my own in-house IT staff?

PNG Solutions is here to supplement your in-house staff, not replace it. The PNG Solutions team can help assess your ...

Q. I am interested in becoming a Scrum Master. Do your training programs cover this as well?

Of course. Our programs are designed to empower, train, and equip you with the strategies and tools you need to ...

Q. After completing your training, will I receive a certification?

Yes, we give you a certificate to show that you’ve successfully gone through the Scrum Master training and understand the ...

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